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Craftsmanship of Bangladesh

Mr. Islam is a leatherware craftman. He started his career as a craftman and now he is a CEO of his own company. He employs about 40 people in the heart of Dhaka. His craftsmenship has been polished day by day, month by month and year by year. When we started with him, he was a nice craftman but the design of his own products needed a little more refinement. While he was deligently producing products based on the forein markets, he has caught something real to meet up the developed country's demand. The improvement is quite clear.
The last time we visited him to order small number of products, it was Ramadan time and situations for working could not be worth. He sincerely studied our demands and collected the materials, and finally we received them, to our enjoyment. They are very beautiful. They are combined design of jute and cow leather. I cannot wait to show them to my patrons.

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What your hands can convey

I have a very important friends, Mr and Mrs Magami. They have a Bangladesh handwork shop in Bangladesh and Japan. They have been working for the welfare of Bangladesh for more than 30 years since they were still singles in their twenties.
Mr Magami visited me in my office, because we had a mountain of things to talk about. He offered his visiting present, which was a paper box of dried plums. The white box was not special, maybe from some shop cakes. He used the box and put around a green ribon which also seemed to be from some shop cake. I unribboned and opened the box, to find a bed of naturally dried plums wrapped in a bamboo dried sheath. Bamboo sheath used to be a great wrapper in Japan for the protection from rottening. The dried plums looked warmly beautiful and I as well as the two men who were together with me in the office, found crying in surprise. Touching it was!
Mr & Mrs Magami have been producing natural dye embroidery product based on the traditional Bangladeshi handwork. They also lead the local people to cultivate and produce organic cotton in their field. Soy beans activate the soil and cotton grows rich after the soy beans. The beans can be used to nurish the people, providing good vegetable protine.
I respect their work and how they think and live every minute. In Sakura Mohila's sales exhibition beginning from December 19, in Omiya, you can see the artistic hand work from them. Those who are interested, please mail or access to the page of "展示販売会’

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