In the twilight of the year

The year 2018 is about to set, showing its matured beauty. In the twilight in the ancient times when they did not have any artificial light but candle fire, all they could see was by the small light of stars and the moon. In that environment of the nature, how they might have been impressed by the flamboyant sky of the sun set!
In the Christmas, we enjoy the art of illumination. The romantic illumination of the city allures lovers and they can be big helper for expensive shops. But the art of the light cannot beat the quiet simmers of stars and the moon. They are really beautiful and mysterious.
In the twilight of life I sometimes reflect my way, mainly in terms of the future of Sakura Mohila. Am I in the right truck? Are my people following in the right way?
Twilight seems to be in a matured beauty, but how can my young staff succeed when the way is just in the half way?
Thinking is one way and I hope I have another way to go, especially in the new year!

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現実の運営をしたり、先のことを考えたり、皆がちゃんと着いてきてくれるか、と考えたり・・・ 黄昏の迷いは情けなく、重い時だってあるのだ。せめて顔だけは軽そうにするけれど・・・しかし、これが年末を迎えての心情とは超情けないから、せめて目の前の仕事はきちんと終えることにしましょう。

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The color of winter

Here in Omiya, Saitama Japan, cherry trees have fallen almost all the leaves and we see empty cherry trees. When the leaves are off the branches, the sky is very blue in the transparant air. Sometimes the air wears icy blue and it is really winter color. However, the sun seems to be for the new year and it makes the things look in spring color. Yes, I got a close look to the cherry branches to find that the buddig is about to begin.
When the world has the winter color, spring is at the same time going on. There is no clear separation of the changing.
The same it is with us. We are living, aging day by day, minutge by minute and finally we live to be very old just when we noticwe the long life!

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Walking through the path in the park, I feel the best season to enjoy the color art of nature is gone and now winter is coming in in the autumn colors. The air makes winter busy time instead of the autumn holliday season.
Just because of the very hot summer heat, frui is very deliciouse. Mikan mandarin oranges, pears and apples make me crazy, giving big appetite for them.
Thanks to the good sales of our Khadi cotton products, I sent additional order to our tailor in Dhaka. No reply and I cpould not know what he was going to do with the order. Then suddenly it usually happens that he sends me out all the ordered goods by EMS. I also send messenger letter to my village lady, and as usual, I get no reply. That's irritating. Until quite resently they did not have internet. The village people have not learned how to communicate properly. If they have internet, it might be easier if you call. They react to the voice.
On the contrary in Japan, the reaction is quite quick. They even reply the mail without reply expectation. Thyat is sometimes counter-irritation. I have to be very careful of returning e-mail, which I sometimes miss returning the answer.
Communication is too nervouse in Japan.

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Community activity

My office is located on the old road that leads to the area's oldest shrine and the park. Because of its historic background, the local people are very much proud of keeping the road clean and beautiful. The first sunday morning monthly the community people clean the road from 8 o'clock. The cleaning activity works as a good communication time for the people, with some outsiders now joining.
I have attended this cleaning for several years, just for enjoying the communication with the neighbors.
The shrine road always has some dignity for its good attendance of the local people.
I was in Dhaka then, looking out of the car window in the traffic jam. The streets and all the cities were litters there. The place seems to be a kind of high commercial area and a restaurant manager(?) was cleaning the front and the road. He carefully gathered the litter and threw it in the corner of the road side.
My apartment landlord in Dhaka envies the lcleaning activities in Japan. He deeply laments his homelanders' lack of the cleaning sense.
When I first visited the Narayanpur Village, which is very far from any cities and the people were poor, I was very reluctant to go to the toilet. I asked to use it because the way back to Dhaka was very long. Against my expectation, the place was well attended. Just it was not a modern place but it kept some cleanliness.
Where does the idea of public hygine come from?

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