My old university home

My friend invited me to our old home: the university. The university holds a show of its 70-year-history. Just because both of us graduated nearly half a century ago from the university, we missed the place very much.
At the entrance, they placed the first chancellor's words to the students;
"Ubi Caritus, Ibi Deus " will take on new meaning as you go forth to meet the daily challenges life offers you. Our shaken, suffering, anxious world meets your open-armed charity, your tireless sacrifice, and your firm conviction that all things are possible when Love is the meaning."
Mother Britt, the first chancellor, is now very important for me, spiritually. I could not meet her in person when I was in the university, but as I read what she left for us, I feel qaite close to her. I understand what she wrote more than When I was too young.
The trees in the campus have grown for these 50 years and they silently nod for all what are happening in front of them. How much I love this moment that I can see the length of time!


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Holly trees that make Japan's winter

I happened to find an old holly tree in my nextdoor's garden. It amazingly had a mass of white pretty holly flowers all over the tree. I simply did n't know therwas the tree for over thirty years. This year was special. My persimmon trees were in bonanza and I enjoyed the good crop of them, climbing a ladder in the g arden. From the top of the ladder, I found the holly flowers in the next door's big garden.
The pretty little white flowers of a holly are exactly angels from winter heaven. I always enjoy the cold season for the pretty flowers. There is a hedge of hollys along my way to the office. I used to go over the follen flowers, with special joy. The flowers are getting less and this winter I even try to find to count the number of the flowers. I miss the days when I walked over the fallen flowers, feeling the sweetly noble smell of them.

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A village grove

The Moon was full above the grove
Someone invaded the village grove just to take off the flowers
Who on earth did it?
It can't be foxes
It can't be racoons
It can't be dogs or cats
The flowers were still on the soil, sweetly

Picture by Hamano Shigenori, owner of a Gallery/Cafe named NEI寧,
whichi is located in a grove of a nearby big city


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Autumn is in its peak now: the leaf colors, the air and the sun. Everything is in a good match, and it can't be better. Especially Japan's chrisanthemums are perfect in the colors and the fragrance. The water looks pure and beautiful with the creatures hibernating deep in the water. In a northern area of Japan swans have migrated to settle in their winter ponds. How much I love to see swans, especially towards the winter night! The scene always gives me a romantic picture from the Swan Lake. Hoping to have some time to see swans this winter as one of the winter favarite pages, I think of an interesting reality. It is about "subscription", which I happened to hear from the radio, while doing the morning kitchen work.
For my generation, "subscription" reminds me of magazines or newspapers to be delivered regulary. But that has changed in the internet society. The inclination is: people do not own things but they rent, to choose the best match according to their likes and the life styles. Does it mean a "rental" society? With a few things held, life might become easy and the choice might become large.
Though I myself cannot change my way of life atyle and the thinking easioly, I tried to imagine the olden times of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents, to see the changes of societies.
Yes, my anscesters had very different ways of life, but I just could not the reality, because I have been involved in the parts of them!


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From the table of Gallery Sakura Mohila

Gallery Sakura Mohila, the newly born show room of Sakura Mohila, is open from 11:00 to 18:00, on the 3rd Floor of Oshida Kenbundo Book shop, east side of Omiya JR Station. Tuesday is closed.
The Gallery has a tea table at one corner, from where I uplord the blogue pages. Hope you visit the place.
The table is now covered with a double lock khadi, which Sakura Mohila had its men hand-weave. The color comes from Persimmon tunnin. The green is in a tea bowl from the nearby old local shrine as a memorial event of 150 years from the Meiji Emperor's visit.
Sakura Mohila mainly deals Bangladesh hand-made cotton. It started the relation with Bangladesh when it helped a Narayanpur village school 26 years ago. The relation has been developing to schoolings, village ladies working systemisingand Bangladeshi traditional handicraft people's reviving. The 26 years is, I should tell you, very long and at the same time very short. When I stood at the entrance of the Gallery Sakura Mohila, I lost all the words from my heart. I saw a long road of its past and a thin line in front shinning in gold.
Now I am sitting at the Gallery tea table, and the light is coming from wide open windows.
Hope you enjoy this blogue pages from the Gallery tea table.


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Gallery Sakura Mohila から

Gallery Sakura Mohilaを11月15日からの「途上国からの素敵なものマーケット」のイベントでオープンして、そのイベントも無事に終わりました。昨日からは平常のサクラモヒラのギャラリーになっています。ティテーブルも作りました。今日はそのテーブルから、さっそくブログを書いています。これからはこのテーブルからブログを発信します。同じテーブルから、道路をはさんで「ヤマハ」さんのビルがありますが、ガラス窓越しにとてもよく見えます。テーブルクロスは、サクラモヒラのダブルロック・カディを柿渋で染めたものです。ランナーは着物の街着用の帯です。昨夜、ロールカーテンを閉めようとして、白っぽい月を見ました。新しい場所で、7時に眺めた月を、友だちのように感じました。12時頃、家から夜空に月を探そうとしましたが、雲の中に隠れていて見えませんでした。月の輝きに出会うと、心が輝いて、嬉しくなるので、夜、バルコニーに出て、ともかく夜空を見やるのがほぼ日課のようになっています。もう少し実用的なマインドがあればよかったのに・・・と思うときもあるけれど、ついついそのような物にばかり心を奪われてしまいます。それにしても、あの暗い空に、輝く月があるというのは、なんという不思議でしょうか。
Gallery Sakura Mohilaの定休日は、火曜日です。


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