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Walking through the path in the park, I feel the best season to enjoy the color art of nature is gone and now winter is coming in in the autumn colors. The air makes winter busy time instead of the autumn holliday season.
Just because of the very hot summer heat, frui is very deliciouse. Mikan mandarin oranges, pears and apples make me crazy, giving big appetite for them.
Thanks to the good sales of our Khadi cotton products, I sent additional order to our tailor in Dhaka. No reply and I cpould not know what he was going to do with the order. Then suddenly it usually happens that he sends me out all the ordered goods by EMS. I also send messenger letter to my village lady, and as usual, I get no reply. That's irritating. Until quite resently they did not have internet. The village people have not learned how to communicate properly. If they have internet, it might be easier if you call. They react to the voice.
On the contrary in Japan, the reaction is quite quick. They even reply the mail without reply expectation. Thyat is sometimes counter-irritation. I have to be very careful of returning e-mail, which I sometimes miss returning the answer.
Communication is too nervouse in Japan.


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Holly trees that make Japan's winter

I happened to find an old holly tree in my nextdoor's garden. It amazingly had a mass of white pretty holly flowers all over the tree. I simply did n't know therwas the tree for over thirty years. This year was special. My persimmon trees were in bonanza and I enjoyed the good crop of them, climbing a ladder in the g arden. From the top of the ladder, I found the holly flowers in the next door's big garden.
The pretty little white flowers of a holly are exactly angels from winter heaven. I always enjoy the cold season for the pretty flowers. There is a hedge of hollys along my way to the office. I used to go over the follen flowers, with special joy. The flowers are getting less and this winter I even try to find to count the number of the flowers. I miss the days when I walked over the fallen flowers, feeling the sweetly noble smell of them.

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A village grove

The Moon was full above the grove
Someone invaded the village grove just to take off the flowers
Who on earth did it?
It can't be foxes
It can't be racoons
It can't be dogs or cats
The flowers were still on the soil, sweetly

Picture by Hamano Shigenori, owner of a Gallery/Cafe named NEI寧,
whichi is located in a grove of a nearby big city


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Autumn is in its peak now: the leaf colors, the air and the sun. Everything is in a good match, and it can't be better. Especially Japan's chrisanthemums are perfect in the colors and the fragrance. The water looks pure and beautiful with the creatures hibernating deep in the water. In a northern area of Japan swans have migrated to settle in their winter ponds. How much I love to see swans, especially towards the winter night! The scene always gives me a romantic picture from the Swan Lake. Hoping to have some time to see swans this winter as one of the winter favarite pages, I think of an interesting reality. It is about "subscription", which I happened to hear from the radio, while doing the morning kitchen work.
For my generation, "subscription" reminds me of magazines or newspapers to be delivered regulary. But that has changed in the internet society. The inclination is: people do not own things but they rent, to choose the best match according to their likes and the life styles. Does it mean a "rental" society? With a few things held, life might become easy and the choice might become large.
Though I myself cannot change my way of life atyle and the thinking easioly, I tried to imagine the olden times of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents, to see the changes of societies.
Yes, my anscesters had very different ways of life, but I just could not the reality, because I have been involved in the parts of them!


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The late summer

Ive been getting out of the very tight schedule after Dhaka. Now I am at leisure to leaf through the dictionaries, as I used to do.
With my days under strong pressure of time, I noticed for the first time after my coming back from Dhaka, that Autumn is growing on and on.
I weeded the garden early morning, and found grasshoppers growing to devour my garden herbs. Under the glaring sun, at times I feel a breeze, going through the room.

A young couple opened a pretty "Izakaya" wine bar three months ago near my office. I've acquainted with them for more than ten years. The food is very nice there and they are cooked by Yabu-san, the owner chef, earnestly. He loves cooking and had and has no other choice but improving his skills of cooking in many restaurants.

I go there even I am alone. With nice wind and a dish of nice food, I can enjoy pleasure of my senior eating life even when I have no family member living together with me.

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The week

The past week was just worldly busy for me. My husband started for a journey to another world with one-way ticket. He may have been tired of this world, just because of his curiosity with the new place. Well, he must find another pleasure in the new place, but please pray for him since he sometimes gets out of the way.

With him now gone, I'm trying to fill the vacancy of my mind. The vulnerability of mind makes me very sensitive and I cannot stop thinking of the reason-de-etre in seeing small things such as a bird, a little flower, the moon.... I'm feeling my mind getting deeper and I love this feeling very much. Sadness is for me to understand happiness.

Many people came to stand by me and my daoughter, which I cannot find any word to express my thanks.

From today I am in the office as usual, with me a little bit more matured than yesterday.

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sewing machine

I have a sewing machine from a used market now. I bought it from Kaneko san, an amazing machine crafts-man. He is a real repairman and I can rely on his skill very much from now on, which is of great benefit to me, because I'm a beginner.
I will produce samples for the Sakura Mohila village project ladies. The first work is an apron from our project special Khadi cloth.
I washed the khadi today and dried under the sun, to iron as the preparation. Since the Khadi cloth is hand span and hand loomed, it needs starching. When the starch is gone by washing, the cloth is naturally soft. I do not know the suitable words to express this warm feeling. It surely has the warmth of the hands.
The Sakura Mohila village ladies might not feel the warm feeling, but they think of the money it can bring them. When they become rich enough to live on it, they may gradually understand the value of it.


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In Dhaka, Bangladesh, modern cafes and restaurants are mushrooming. It is going together with the developing economy. The tradition is in a kind of decline. As far as I look around my aquaintances, they do not enjoy any tea or coffee. They seem to enjoy soda drinks in the daily life. In the modern restaurants where foreigners feel no difficulty with nearly the same prices with in their home countries, they serve soda drinks while tea or coffee do just exist without selecting the quality or any tips of how to make good tea.
The coffee machines are getting popular and they make good coffee. The modern cafe's coffee is getting better and the interior is more and more westernized. The rich people in Dhaka are enjoying exploring posh restaurants and cafes.
Soon, without realizing, coffee, tea and other drinks would be in their daily life, with the city's development.

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Jamudani fabric

I don't know how much I love Jamudani weaving. I'm totally attracted by the beauty of the weaving art. Among many, I love white jamudani weaving and I want one more after I gain one.
In the cottage, three makes one work team and they sit in a line. One adult craftman operates the shaft and the chilsren on his both sides make motives one line by one line. The time is endless and their devotion is countless. And the woven flowers begins to bloom on the cloth. It's really fantastic.

There come objection and criticism from some developed countires about the child's labor. And the people in the cottage weaving houses feel embarrasement because they cannot do the proper fine work without the children's delicate work.

Above all, I cannot stop loving the white jamudani, with its beauty of long history.


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Out of Japan

I'll be in Dhaka from June 8 through 16.
The Saitama office will be closed.

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