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Thinking from my stay in Dhaka

Japan's early spring is beginning. When there is sun light, the world looks beautiful like Heaven, with everything wrapped up in the brilliance of the light. The night is yet cold with the dark blue and the wind is piercing. Fragrance of apricot blossoms from anywhere only tells the existance of the early spring.
From time to time I reflect my experience in terms of the villagers, the village ladies and the craftsmen in Bangladesh. I have come to grow different thought by what I went through with them and the country over these 26 years.
First I began to get involved in this business for the humane reason, just accidentally. I have been struggling and fumbling forwards the right way for my people. Medias, books and other learned people talk about the situation on their own style, and I do not think each of them is not wrong. However I am beginning to feel that all what is said as a social opinion does not hit the right place. Especially in the time when publication is getting easier. Each person publisizes effectively with good cameras and SNS... effectively choosing the effective situation.
That cannot be said false publication, but I cannot be positive about the truth. Communicating in the right way for perfect truth is almost impossible, though people try to do the best.
Cultures and the total background cannot be covered enough and the receivers of the information is not "well equipped" with enogh knowledge and intelligence.
Being involved in developing countries is not simple enough as doing goods for the needy.

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The week stay in Dhaka 1

Dhaka was cool and confortable, when Japan was in the bottom of the coldness. I enjoyed ripen bananas harvested from the trees.
I have rent the apartment for several years, and with the days going by, I got feel more confortable with the work room. Usually the Sakura Mohila's village ladies use the room to produce things with cotton cloth. The room is filled only with piles of hand-loom cotton, iron stand, historic appearing of the two "Singer" sewing machines, which seems to have been fifty years ago in Japan but I bought them brand new from the Dhaka market, a customised wooden desk... those used to be unfamilliar with my old life, and now I like sitting in the room with a cup of tea, and I go direct to the room as soon as I unlock the door. I just sit on a chair, waiting for the village ladies to come over with big loards of their work and their smiles.
Unfortunately this time I could not have time to do that, and yet I nodded off on the chair. Over the years I went through happiness and dissappointment in the apartment, to grow stronger and more experienced.
How much I love sitting on the chair of the work room!

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Reading between the lines

The piercing air is purifyng all the winter scenes in Japan. Cold it is but very beautiful.
The leader of Sakura Mohila's village ladies, Kazal Rekha, sent me mail by the Messenger. She only wrote, "How are you???" It is the utmost of her expression, judging from her English level. But I can read between the lines(?) There is only one line and no between!!! Well, I can read what she really wants to tell me. She would to want to tell me, "How are you? When are you coming to Dhaka, because you told us to come in January. What day of January? Our work has almost done, but we are not very sure of the particular points. We need your attention to complete the work. Fatema got a baby, as you know she was expecting when you were wioth us. My daughter will graduate from high school in February. Is it OK if I take her to Dhaka? Give her good work. "
Fatema might have a baby now. I tried to find it by asking some people, "Has Fatema had a baby now?" All the answers are the same, "Thank you"
I am not very sure of it, but I think I can read the answer through the pointless answers.
Sakura Mohila ladies are quite natural. They follow the natural principle just as they live naturally. Women give birth naturally and bring the babies naturally, adoring and enjoying their growing. And strong wish of parents finds no edge to go into their growing.
Fatema asked me in October, "Can I bring the baby here to Dhaka work place?"
What did you ask?! You would come the long way by the super-local bus on the local village roads!" Unbelievable for me!!! But it is only a matter of granted for them.
Sometimes their too much natural attitrude creats conflicts with the Japanese refined ways. It would take a long time to adjust the uneven points.
I sometimes miss them very much, just because of their natural ways, after many years of togetherness.

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A nostalgic meeting

A man called an electrician to have his electrical system repaired. The electrician came up. Surprisingly, the electrician used to be his playmate in the childhood. They played together, they went to the same kindergarten, primary school and junior high school.
When the work was done, they began sitting for tea, talking about whereabouts of their old mates. The topics were endless, after many years of no hearing.

The bout of remembering and the information exchange of the old mates were over, the electriciak was about to leave, stil did not knowing to end the talking, the other began to put all the sweets on the plate between them in the palstic bag to give him, as he also could not want to say good-bye. The scene looked like when they were children and the mother used to do. The electrician looked simply happy and received the pack, simply happily. Both of them are respectable social members, and the cakes that are no special kinds, seem to mean nothing. But both of them looked very happy with the cake-giving -and-receiving.

The simple human relation that was but both of them conducted very basic social activities to their heart' content.

I like the relation.

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Happy New Year!

May the new year 2019 bring you all the best of your life!

The blue, blue sky of winter
The noble fragrance of "Ume" apricot brossoms and narcissues
The migratory birds and icy blue of the waters
The colorless cold wind of color piercing
The brilliance of the light

All are the sings of spring

Gallery Sakura Mohila opened in last November.
Be a guest of the gallery!

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Winter solstice

Winter solstice is over. Christmas is over. And we are beginning to see the newly born sun light. It is getting longer and more brilliant. How much I love the time! By this time our phisical condition can adjust ourselves with the cold air and the low temperature even show us the most pure beauty of the nature, especially the moon at night. I love to look up the night sky to see the winter moon.
In a tropical city like Dhaka, the moon look like a red baloon behind a silk screen. Rather I am impressed that I can see the moon at the dusty place of Dhaka. Oh, there we can see the moon!, that is. In the moslim countries the crescent moon is the symbol, but in their tropical weather, the sun light or the breeze that shake the leaves seem to be the symbols. The great poems such as Tagore or Raron admired the golden air of the country.
I am not a winter person but I love the blue world of the winter.

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Walking through the path in the park, I feel the best season to enjoy the color art of nature is gone and now winter is coming in in the autumn colors. The air makes winter busy time instead of the autumn holliday season.
Just because of the very hot summer heat, frui is very deliciouse. Mikan mandarin oranges, pears and apples make me crazy, giving big appetite for them.
Thanks to the good sales of our Khadi cotton products, I sent additional order to our tailor in Dhaka. No reply and I cpould not know what he was going to do with the order. Then suddenly it usually happens that he sends me out all the ordered goods by EMS. I also send messenger letter to my village lady, and as usual, I get no reply. That's irritating. Until quite resently they did not have internet. The village people have not learned how to communicate properly. If they have internet, it might be easier if you call. They react to the voice.
On the contrary in Japan, the reaction is quite quick. They even reply the mail without reply expectation. Thyat is sometimes counter-irritation. I have to be very careful of returning e-mail, which I sometimes miss returning the answer.
Communication is too nervouse in Japan.

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Holly trees that make Japan's winter

I happened to find an old holly tree in my nextdoor's garden. It amazingly had a mass of white pretty holly flowers all over the tree. I simply did n't know therwas the tree for over thirty years. This year was special. My persimmon trees were in bonanza and I enjoyed the good crop of them, climbing a ladder in the g arden. From the top of the ladder, I found the holly flowers in the next door's big garden.
The pretty little white flowers of a holly are exactly angels from winter heaven. I always enjoy the cold season for the pretty flowers. There is a hedge of hollys along my way to the office. I used to go over the follen flowers, with special joy. The flowers are getting less and this winter I even try to find to count the number of the flowers. I miss the days when I walked over the fallen flowers, feeling the sweetly noble smell of them.

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A village grove

A village grove_f0202221_13370599.jpg
The Moon was full above the grove
Someone invaded the village grove just to take off the flowers
Who on earth did it?
It can't be foxes
It can't be racoons
It can't be dogs or cats
The flowers were still on the soil, sweetly

Picture by Hamano Shigenori, owner of a Gallery/Cafe named NEI寧,
whichi is located in a grove of a nearby big city

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Autumn is in its peak now: the leaf colors, the air and the sun. Everything is in a good match, and it can't be better. Especially Japan's chrisanthemums are perfect in the colors and the fragrance. The water looks pure and beautiful with the creatures hibernating deep in the water. In a northern area of Japan swans have migrated to settle in their winter ponds. How much I love to see swans, especially towards the winter night! The scene always gives me a romantic picture from the Swan Lake. Hoping to have some time to see swans this winter as one of the winter favarite pages, I think of an interesting reality. It is about "subscription", which I happened to hear from the radio, while doing the morning kitchen work.
For my generation, "subscription" reminds me of magazines or newspapers to be delivered regulary. But that has changed in the internet society. The inclination is: people do not own things but they rent, to choose the best match according to their likes and the life styles. Does it mean a "rental" society? With a few things held, life might become easy and the choice might become large.
Though I myself cannot change my way of life atyle and the thinking easioly, I tried to imagine the olden times of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents, to see the changes of societies.
Yes, my anscesters had very different ways of life, but I just could not the reality, because I have been involved in the parts of them!

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