Reading between the lines

The piercing air is purifyng all the winter scenes in Japan. Cold it is but very beautiful.
The leader of Sakura Mohila's village ladies, Kazal Rekha, sent me mail by the Messenger. She only wrote, "How are you???" It is the utmost of her expression, judging from her English level. But I can read between the lines(?) There is only one line and no between!!! Well, I can read what she really wants to tell me. She would to want to tell me, "How are you? When are you coming to Dhaka, because you told us to come in January. What day of January? Our work has almost done, but we are not very sure of the particular points. We need your attention to complete the work. Fatema got a baby, as you know she was expecting when you were wioth us. My daughter will graduate from high school in February. Is it OK if I take her to Dhaka? Give her good work. "
Fatema might have a baby now. I tried to find it by asking some people, "Has Fatema had a baby now?" All the answers are the same, "Thank you"
I am not very sure of it, but I think I can read the answer through the pointless answers.
Sakura Mohila ladies are quite natural. They follow the natural principle just as they live naturally. Women give birth naturally and bring the babies naturally, adoring and enjoying their growing. And strong wish of parents finds no edge to go into their growing.
Fatema asked me in October, "Can I bring the baby here to Dhaka work place?"
What did you ask?! You would come the long way by the super-local bus on the local village roads!" Unbelievable for me!!! But it is only a matter of granted for them.
Sometimes their too much natural attitrude creats conflicts with the Japanese refined ways. It would take a long time to adjust the uneven points.
I sometimes miss them very much, just because of their natural ways, after many years of togetherness.

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