Winter solstice

Winter solstice is over. Christmas is over. And we are beginning to see the newly born sun light. It is getting longer and more brilliant. How much I love the time! By this time our phisical condition can adjust ourselves with the cold air and the low temperature even show us the most pure beauty of the nature, especially the moon at night. I love to look up the night sky to see the winter moon.
In a tropical city like Dhaka, the moon look like a red baloon behind a silk screen. Rather I am impressed that I can see the moon at the dusty place of Dhaka. Oh, there we can see the moon!, that is. In the moslim countries the crescent moon is the symbol, but in their tropical weather, the sun light or the breeze that shake the leaves seem to be the symbols. The great poems such as Tagore or Raron admired the golden air of the country.
I am not a winter person but I love the blue world of the winter.

by sakura_mohila | 2018-12-25 17:14 | ENGLISH | Comments(0)  

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