Walking through the path in the park, I feel the best season to enjoy the color art of nature is gone and now winter is coming in in the autumn colors. The air makes winter busy time instead of the autumn holliday season.
Just because of the very hot summer heat, frui is very deliciouse. Mikan mandarin oranges, pears and apples make me crazy, giving big appetite for them.
Thanks to the good sales of our Khadi cotton products, I sent additional order to our tailor in Dhaka. No reply and I cpould not know what he was going to do with the order. Then suddenly it usually happens that he sends me out all the ordered goods by EMS. I also send messenger letter to my village lady, and as usual, I get no reply. That's irritating. Until quite resently they did not have internet. The village people have not learned how to communicate properly. If they have internet, it might be easier if you call. They react to the voice.
On the contrary in Japan, the reaction is quite quick. They even reply the mail without reply expectation. Thyat is sometimes counter-irritation. I have to be very careful of returning e-mail, which I sometimes miss returning the answer.
Communication is too nervouse in Japan.

by sakura_mohila | 2018-12-03 13:26 | ENGLISH | Comments(0)  

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