Community activity

My office is located on the old road that leads to the area's oldest shrine and the park. Because of its historic background, the local people are very much proud of keeping the road clean and beautiful. The first sunday morning monthly the community people clean the road from 8 o'clock. The cleaning activity works as a good communication time for the people, with some outsiders now joining.
I have attended this cleaning for several years, just for enjoying the communication with the neighbors.
The shrine road always has some dignity for its good attendance of the local people.
I was in Dhaka then, looking out of the car window in the traffic jam. The streets and all the cities were litters there. The place seems to be a kind of high commercial area and a restaurant manager(?) was cleaning the front and the road. He carefully gathered the litter and threw it in the corner of the road side.
My apartment landlord in Dhaka envies the lcleaning activities in Japan. He deeply laments his homelanders' lack of the cleaning sense.
When I first visited the Narayanpur Village, which is very far from any cities and the people were poor, I was very reluctant to go to the toilet. I asked to use it because the way back to Dhaka was very long. Against my expectation, the place was well attended. Just it was not a modern place but it kept some cleanliness.
Where does the idea of public hygine come from?

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