My old university home

My friend invited me to our old home: the university. The university holds a show of its 70-year-history. Just because both of us graduated nearly half a century ago from the university, we missed the place very much.
At the entrance, they placed the first chancellor's words to the students;
"Ubi Caritus, Ibi Deus " will take on new meaning as you go forth to meet the daily challenges life offers you. Our shaken, suffering, anxious world meets your open-armed charity, your tireless sacrifice, and your firm conviction that all things are possible when Love is the meaning."
Mother Britt, the first chancellor, is now very important for me, spiritually. I could not meet her in person when I was in the university, but as I read what she left for us, I feel qaite close to her. I understand what she wrote more than When I was too young.
The trees in the campus have grown for these 50 years and they silently nod for all what are happening in front of them. How much I love this moment that I can see the length of time!

by sakura_mohila | 2018-11-28 16:53 | Comments(0)  

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