Holly trees that make Japan's winter

I happened to find an old holly tree in my nextdoor's garden. It amazingly had a mass of white pretty holly flowers all over the tree. I simply did n't know therwas the tree for over thirty years. This year was special. My persimmon trees were in bonanza and I enjoyed the good crop of them, climbing a ladder in the g arden. From the top of the ladder, I found the holly flowers in the next door's big garden.
The pretty little white flowers of a holly are exactly angels from winter heaven. I always enjoy the cold season for the pretty flowers. There is a hedge of hollys along my way to the office. I used to go over the follen flowers, with special joy. The flowers are getting less and this winter I even try to find to count the number of the flowers. I miss the days when I walked over the fallen flowers, feeling the sweetly noble smell of them.

by sakura_mohila | 2018-11-26 13:04 | ENGLISH | Comments(0)  

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